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Every successful business has its own individual branding and this is something that many freelancers overlook. Whether someone is working alone or as the head of a large company, a brand can help to build up a reputation and identity that will have huge benefits. A good brand involves many aspects other than a good logo. Branding helps to make a person or company memorable to their clients. It also adds a certain amount of credibility to the service that is being offered. A suitably created brand will help to match-make the service being offered with clients that are looking for that precise product. A good brand should do a great deal of the work before the freelancer even needs to get involved.Image By: Criterion
Before deciding on a brand and designing the logo a certain amount of self-discovery is needed. What exactly are the goals of the company? Short and long term goals need to be laid out into a detailed business plan. This will help to decipher the perfect target audience and style of the company. The target audience is what helps to form a great deal of the style and the two work hand-in-hand. While the style of the logo, website and business cards should be a representation of the freelancer, it also has to appeal to the target audience. Many people make snap judgements based on company names and logos before looking in to what a company really represents and this needs to be taken into consideration.
Once the business plan and ideal goals have been laid out and the style has been settled on there are two main elements to perfect. The logo and the brand name are the first. The freelancer's name as a brand suggests a personable experience, but is not suitable for a company that is likely to develop into a large-scale business. The website operates as an online CV for the freelancer and should be word perfect and error-free. It should not be overloaded with information as prospective clients may be put off. One of the most important aspects of the website for a freelancer is the ‘About' section. Work out a 1-minute pitch that explains exactly what the company does. This is the ideal way to capture the target audience and make them shout out, ‘Yes, this is the one for me'.

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