Get Client Wins International Marketing Award

Get Client With System (Get Client) has won the prestigious Two Comma Club Award from international marketing platform ClickFunnels, recognizing Get Client's unique online marketing strategy as the only company in Hong Kong to be invited to the U.S. to receive the award in person, after achieving over $12 million in sales in 2022.

Get Client has been in business for three years now, and has been known for its unique marketing strategies that have battled through the economic crisis and won the Two Comma Club Award last year. The award recognizes companies that have earned more than $1 million in revenue from a single marketing funnel in a single year. The Two Comma Club Award also signifies that Get Client is one of only 3% of the world's online marketing companies to have achieved this feat, and that the Get Client team has abandoned the traditional marketing mindset and applied a breakthrough reactive marketing strategy to analyze consumer psychology and drive real revenue results.

Nic Leung, founder of Get Client, said, "We believe that effective online marketing is not just about placing ads on social media platforms to get a seemingly unrealistic amount of attention or impression. Instead, marketing must be linked to actual revenue. Get Client will continue to promote a responsive marketing strategy to help clients achieve an efficient return on their investment. April Lo, another founder of Get Client, said, "Professional training is different from traditional teaching, we want to help trainers enter the market with unique marketing strategies to meet the market demand for knowledge. The knowledge gained by people will help them to be more competitive, and it will also help them to increase their income. Under the leadership of the two founders, Get Client has successfully created new market opportunities in the past three years despite the impact of the epidemic, and has become a guiding light for dozens of trainers and entrepreneurs in the professional training sector, generating nearly half a billion dollars in revenue for them.

Get Client was founded in 2020 with a focus on instant and responsive online marketing, combining sales and marketing strategies to create targeted marketing messages with efficient marketing funnels, so that potential consumers can take immediate action after receiving the messages and obtain high returns for clients in a cost-effective manner. In the future, Get Client will focus on the Southeast Asian market, helping clients around the world to apply reactive marketing strategies, while keeping up with the trend of big data and artificial intelligence technology, and continuously optimizing digital marketing to help clients develop potential markets and double their revenue results.